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Project Piplup promises to spread the charm of this adorable penguin Pokemon with the world

(Image credit: Nintendo)

A Project Piplup teaser video appears online, and we have no idea what it’s all about.

The teaser trailer (opens in new tab) for “Project Piplup” has appeared on the Japanese Pokemon Company YouTube channel, but all the video description says is that it will “spread the charm of Piplup to the world and support you with Piplup through various activities”. Oh, and if you’re wondering why the video says Project Pojama, that’s Piplup’s name in Japanese.

The video is incredibly light on details as it's only a teaser trailer, so we don’t really know what Project Piplup is actually going to involve. There is a Project Piplup website (opens in new tab) live too, but that mainly repeats the information from the teaser video. The only new of information we were able to pull from the website is that companies can apply for Piplup to visit them (opens in new tab), which sounds wild. We’re definitely going to try and get Piplup to visit the GamesRadar offices.

Beyond that, we’re hoping that there is some involvement from the current Pokemon games like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Snap. Piplup is already one of the pokemon available to photograph in Pokemon Snap, and he’s out in the wild in Pokemon Go too, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to get some Piplup-themed events going.

Piplup was first introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, where it was one of the three starter Pokemon alongside Turtwig and Chimchar. Piplup is an adorable little penguin Pokemon so we can see why it has been singled out for the star treatment. And Piplup is certainly getting the star treatment in the teaser video as we see our little pal starring in photoshoots.

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