Project Morpheus gets competitive with multiplayer support, eSports

Sony's Project Morpheus - the virtual reality headset designed for use with the PlayStation 4 - is pushing into eSports territory with a project from developer Guerrilla Cambridge, the studio behind Killzone: Mercenary. The game, called "RIGS," is a first-person mech combat game that takes place in stylized arenas rather than gritty battlefields, but perhaps more interestingly (or at least equally so) is the fact Morpheus games - like RIGS - will support multiple players. This is in stark contrast to the largely single-player experiences demonstrated for VR thus far.

Sony president and CEO Andrew House took the lid off RIGS and muiltiplayer Morpheus support during the PlayStation press conference at E3 2015 - if you want to see all the other announcements and teases, be sure to click those links and follow along at our hub!