Price drop for PSP Core Pack

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a $30 price drop for its PSP Core Pack, bringing it to a more affordable $179.99, and even more of a temptation for those deciding between a PSP and a $129.99 DS. The drop was only officially announced for the Core pack, butretailers seemto befollowing suiton the larger Value and Entertainment packs with price cuts of their own.

Against all odds, the PSP has actually created competition for a Nintendo handheld for the first time in history, especially in the US and Europe (25+ million shipped worldwide). It’s still very much in second place, but it’s nice to see some competition for a change.

The price drop should make things even more interesting, especially amongst the persistent rumors that Sony will be rolling out a new model of the portable sooner than we think (despiteitsclaims to the contrary). We havea few ideason whatcouldbe donewith a revision.

Sony also announced two additions tothePSP “Greatest Hits” library, Daxter and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror; both will be available for $19.99 starting today. With more and more quality exclusives hitting the portable and increased connectivity with the PS3, it’s a good time for PSP owners, and now a slightly easier decision for those who’ve been on the fence.

April 3, 2007