Poster Gallery: Terminator Salvation

If you were unable to make it to Comic-Con this year, don’t worry. Some of the best goodies are starting to leak on to the magical interwebs, and while we can’t in all good conscience link to the footage, we can point you towards something cool.

Warners/Sony have just shoved the teaser poster for Terminator Salvation that debuted at the Con, and Cinema Blend has a nice, up-close look at it. You’re staring into the eyes of a T-600, the heavily armed robo-nasties Skynet sends after John Connor and co in 2018, years before it has the technology to forge the more human-looking T-800 (or Arnie) models.

And, as has been pointed out elsewhere, what’s with the DNA-style helix in the eyes? Start the debate raging at the forums, people…

Source: ( Cinema Blend )