Postal the movie: Leaked trailer

A trailerfrom Postal the moviehas been leaked on YouTube, the latest car-crash-on-a-cinema-screen from the director everyone loves to hate, Uwe Boll.

Postal was a PC game before Uwe got his hands on the license, a no-holds-barred ridiculous shooter that gave you lots of guns and had you shoot people lots. Hardly high-brow entertainment, you see.

We can't shake the feeling that Uwe Boll - who recently pummelled several of his (many) critics in a series of hard-hitting boxing matches - might have finally found his niche. I.e., the insanely tongue-in-cheek, blatantly idiotic toilet-humor and gore-flecked student-pleasing comedy gunfest. And we'll fight him if he thinks otherwise.

February 2, 2007