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  • 3DS | Submitted by Ravenism

    How to become popular in Pokemon X and Y (May contain Spoilers)

    After unlocking northern Lumiose City

    Have you noticed lately that the people in Lumiose City are talking about cool people? No, they do not mean constipated, overweight, old losers. In gen 6, it's not just the same old "Uhh Yeah! I just caught a Magikarp!". Here are some ways you can become famous.

    1. Create a PR video
    2. Have a go at the ID Lottery
    3. Browse the paintings with your audio guide in the museum
    4. Give your Furfrou a new awesome hairdo
    5. Chat with Alexa at Lumiose Press
    6. Ride the TMV to Kiloude City
    7. Run some errands for Hotel Richissime
    8. Brawl at the BI (Battle Institute)
    9. Dine and Battle the Lumiose Resturants
    10. Shop the wide variety of stores
    11. Ride the Gogoat Shuttle or Lumi-Cab
    12. Mix some berry juice
    13.Get a haircut at Coffiure Clips
    14. Enter the Hall of Fame

    But why should you be famous? Or want to be? Fame isn't just about fans, it gives you benefits too.

    Such as:

    *The shopkeeper will finally let you in Boutique Couture.
    *Get new hairstyles.
    *There will be more Furfrou cuts.
    *You can make more juices.
    *Earn discounts,such as a free museum tour.
    *The guy who sells the mega stone will reduce the price from 500,000 to 300,000, 150,000, 100,000, 70,000 and stop at 10,000.
    *You will get more effects for the PR studio from Cafe Action and the lady at the counter.
    Fame can be good and baddon't try Perilious Soup on your lv100..