How to evolve Inkay into Malamar in Pokemon X and Y

The designers of the Pokemon X and Y Pokedex went a little wild when trying to find new ways to evolve Pokemon. While Pancham’s evolution into Pangoro is interesting, and Sylveon's evolution method is cute, neither holds a candle up to the insanity that is Inkay’s evolution into Malamar. Seriously, this is one you’d never, ever figure out on your own, especially if you’re used to the typical evolution methods in previous Pokemon games. Think you're just going to level it up or rub a rock on it? Think again. As we mentioned in our Pokemon X and Y review, the designers had a very outside-the-box approach to this new entry.

After level 30, Inkay has the ability to evolve, but in order to successfully complete it you need to turn your 3DS upside-down when it levels. Yes, seriously--flip it over and hold it the wrong way during a level and it’ll turn into Malamar. It makes sense after you know it, since Malamar looks like an upside-down Inkay, but, still--that's a pretty big departure from how typical evolutions work. Then again, we're in a post-Mega Evolution world, so nothing is off-limits.

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Hollander Cooper

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