Pokemon Sword and Shield's "missing" Pokemon are being added by modders

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A  Pokemon dataminer and hacker is adding in Pokemon that aren't in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Pokedex. The first Pokemon modded into Sword and Shield is Omastar, of all things. 

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Pokemon Sword and Shield has been suffered from a bit of controversy around its Pokedex, because of the fact that it doesn't include every Pokemon from previous generations. Unlike earlier games, you can't transfer Pokemon from other generations into Sword and Shield that aren't already a part of its Pokedex.

Self-proclaimed Pokemon researcher @SciresM used the Omastar model from Pokemon: Let's Go as a new face for a Yamper. The modder says their goal is to bring back old Pokemon by re-tooling stats and building foundations for animators and modelers to nail down the look and animations for each Pokemon.

For those interested, check out SciresM's breakdown of the work needed to go forward with bringing missing Pokemon into Sword and Shield, as well as the tools and experience necessary for those wanting to help out with the project.

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