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Pokemon Pikachu DS charger is full of win

Pokemon tat - sorry, merchandise - shows no sign of slowing down as Game Freak unveils its new Pikachu-shaped DSi charging dock. The more you look at it, the more bizarre it is. Is he about to eat it? Is he getting a bit too friendly with it? There's no need to decide.

Of course, the most likely explanation is that he's using one of his many electrical attacks to charge it (in which case it had better light up). Cute. It's out in Japan on September 18 for ¥3,980 (US$47/£30.50).

I can't really say it's a waste of money despite the fact you can plug your DS into the mains using the cable that came with it. A couple of years ago (crikey, about 11, now I think about it) I had one of these:

It was awesome. I mean, the clock was about a minute slow every couple of days and it ate batteries like I'd imagine an electric rodent probably would. Oh, and those eyes make you feel you constantly have to justify your very existence to him. But it was still awesome.

Come on - own up, who else has something this embarassing in their room?

27 Aug, 2010

Source: Kotaku

Justin Towell
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