Pokemon Legends Z-A launches in 2025 with the return of Mega Evolutions

Pokemon Legends ZA
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Legends Z-A has just been revealed and is launching in 2025 with the return of Mega Evolutions.

Earlier today, February 27, The Pokemon Company held another Pokemon Presents showcase, featuring all-new announcements and reveals. Chief among those reveals, and last in the showcase, as it happens, was Pokemon Legends Z-A, a mysterious new game set to launch at some point next year in 2025.

You can see the complete trailer for Pokemon Legends Z-A just below, which admittedly doesn't give away a whole lot about the new game. We do know that it's based in a city called Lumiose City, a place where it appears that urban redevelopments are taking place with the goal of humans and Pokemon existing alongside one another.

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Again though, this isn't a huge revelation for the Pokemon franchise at large. Humans co-existing alongside Pokemon is a theme that the franchise has been running with for what feels like forever now, but here's hoping Pokemon Legends Z-A can put a new spin on the theme.

We do know from the new trailer that Mega Evolutions will be returning to the Pokemon franchise with Legends Z-A. The feature first debuted in the Generation 7 Pokemon games but was thrown out with the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield due to the lack of Key Stones and Mega Stones in the two games.

It looks like Pokemon Legends Z-A is set to continue the spin-off adventures first started in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Perhaps the 2025 game will have some similar surprising tricks up its sleeve, like a new approach to the world design and boss battles.

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