Pokemon GO Team Rocket Takeover Guide, start time and how to catch Shiny Pawniard

Pokemon GO Team Rocket Takeover
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The Team Go Rocket Takeover event has begun and trainers will see the evil team all over Pokemon Go for a limited time. Happening during the Pokemon Go Greedy Gluttons event, the Team Go Rocket Takeover gives trainers a lot of chances to battle grunts, leaders and even the big boss himself, Giovanni. While battling and defeating these grunts rewards trainers with encounters with powerful Shadow Pokemon, some of these grunts will have never-before-seen Shadow Pokemon.

There is also a new Shiny Pokemon to catch and much more. Trainers who need a hand through all the happenings during the Team Go Rocket Takeover can read this guide on how to best use their time during the event. 

Pokemon GO Team Rocket Takeover Start Time

The Team Go Rocket takeover event will begin Monday, November 14 from 12 a.m. to Thursday, November 17 at 8 p.m. local time.

How to catch Shiny Pawniard in Pokemon Go

While the wild encounters and Raid Pokemon will be the same as whatever shows up during the Greedy Gluttons event, trainers will be able to hatch some exclusive Dark and Poison-type Pokemon from 12km Eggs. Including a Shiny Pawniard for the first time.

These 12km Eggs are only obtained by defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader. And while these Eggs may take some time to hatch, they contain some rare Pokemon that trainers can’t find anywhere else, and that includes Pawniard.

Now, there’s no easy way to get this Shiny Pawniard. Trainers will have to hatch as many 12km Eggs they obtain during the event. Trainers will want to stock up on as many as possible so when the event ends, those Eggs still have a higher than normal chance to become a Shiny Pawniard

Trainers can also purchase more Incubators in the in-0game shop. For the regular Incubator, trainers can pay 150 PokeCoins. For 200 PokeCoins, they can grab a Super Incubator that cuts the hatch distance in half.

Pokemon GO Team Rocket Takeover

(Image credit: Niantic)

Team Go Rocket Takeover Field Research 

During the event, trainers will have one Field Research task they can pick up at PokeStops. By defeating two Team Go Rocket Grunts, trainers will receive a Mysterious Component, which helps players enter a battle against the Rocket Leaders.

A special research story will also appear when the event begins. Complete the following tasks to earn items, experience and easier ways to take on the Rocket Leaders as well as Giovanni.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Page 1
ResearchRewardHeader Cell - Column 2
Defeat 6 Team Go Rocket GruntsHyper Potion (x10)2000 XP
Catch 4 Shadow PokemonPoke Ball (x10)Great Ball (x15)
Purify 2 Shadow PokemonPinap Berry (x10)Rocket Radar (x1)
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Page 2
ResearchRewardHeader Cell - Column 2
Defeat Team Go Rocket Leader Arlo1500 XP2500 XP
Defeat Team Go Rocket Leader Cliff1500 XPStardust (x1000)
Defeat Team Go Rocket Leader Sierra1500 XPSuper Rocket Radar (x1)
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Page 3
ResearchRewardHeader Cell - Column 2
Find the Team Go Rocket BossMax Potion (x5)2500 XP
Battle the Team Go Rocket BossUltra Ball (x20)Lucky Egg (X1)
Defeat the Team Go Rocket Boss Revive (x5)Golden Razz Berry (x2)
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Page 4
ResearchRewardHeader Cell - Column 2
Claim Reward1500 XP5000 XP
Claim Reward1500 XPStardust (x2500)
Claim Reward1500 XPSilver Pinap Berry (x2)

New Shadow Pokemon and Rocket Leader Teams

Team Go Rocket has corrupted new Pokemon to become Shadow Pokemon. In addition, the Rocket Leaders have brand new teams that allow for trainers to catch some different Pokemon. It should be noted that the first Pokemon that the Leaders send out will be the ones that trainers can catch and rescue.

In the case of Giovanni, trainers will be able to catch a Shadow Mewtwo.

Here’s the list of Rocket Leaders and their teams.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Rocket LeaderPokemon 1Pokemon 2Pokemon 3
ArloMawileCharizard, Salamence, StaraptorDragonite, Scizor, Granbull
SierraSableyeFlygon, Cacturne, HonchkrowSnorlax, Houndoom, Cradily
CliffMachopPinsir, Amoonguss, CrobatTyranitar, Aerodactyl, Camerupt
GiovanniPersianSteelix, Nidoqueen, RhperiorMewtwo
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