Pokemon Go shiny Gastly and Gengar with Shadow Punch coming for July Community Day

Pokemon Go shiny Gastly Community Day
(Image credit: Niantic)

For the upcoming Community Day, Pokemon Go shiny Gastly is the name of the game, along with Shadow Punch Gengar. While last month saw Weedle feature since it won the public vote, Gastly came second so is the star of the Community Day this month in Pokemon Go (opens in new tab). We've got all the details you need to know about this month's Pokemon Go Community Day including how to get a Gengar that knows Shadow Punch, and a shiny Gastly to evolve.

Pokemon Go shiny Gastly family

Pokemon Go shiny Gastly, Haunter, Gengar

(Image credit: Niantic)

Pictured above is the full shiny Gastly family, including Haunter and Gengar. As you can see, Gastly has a slightly more purple hue, while Haunter has a blue tongue instead of the usual pink. Meanwhile Gengar is somewhat disappointing... there's only a slight change in Gengar's appearance, going to a slightly more washed out purple. 

Shadow Punch Gengar

Pokemon Go Gengar Shadow Punch

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As is always the case with Pokemon Go Community Days, there's an exclusive move available. This time it's Shadow Punch, which deals 40 Damage for 35 Energy, which isn't particularly strong but is the fastest Ghost-type charged move in the game currently.

In order to get a Gengar with Shadow Punch, you simply need to evolve Haunter into Gengar during the designated hours, or the extra two hours afterwards, which are detailed below. This will likely be the only time Gengar with Shadow Punch will be available so even if you don't plan on using the move, it's worth getting one anyway just so you have it in your collection.

Pokemon Go July Community Date date, time and bonuses

Pokemon Go shiny Gastly Community Day

(Image credit: Niantic)

When actually is the Pokemon Go Community Day this month? The Gastly Community Day will take place on Sunday, July 19 from 11am to 5pm local time. This is when shiny Gastly will flood the streets and parks. As always in this current pandemic, make sure you stay safe and play from home if you have to. The extra measures to ensure Pokemon Go is playable from home are still in effect, so pop a lure and get catching!

During the six-hour Community Day, you'll also be able to purchase a July Community Day Box with 30 Ultra Balls, an Elite Fast TM, two Incense, and two Super Incubators. Perfect if you're running low on items going into the event.

For $1 (or your local equivalent), there's also a Community Day-exclusive special research story called The Great Gastly. This will net you some extra rewards as Professor Willow investigates some spooky happenings.

On top of all of that, eggs will hatch in a quarter of the distance, and Incense will last for three hours. And if you take some snapshots during the event, you'll find a spooky surprise.

That's everything there is for this month's Community Day; check GamesRadar next month to see what Pokemon will feature in August!

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