Pokemon Go Regidrago guide: How to Catch and Can You Find a Shiny?

Pokemon Go Regidrago
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Pokemon Go Regidrago, a brand new Legendary Pokemon, has arrived. Introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games, Regidrago is related to the other Regis from past games. Those include Regice, Regirock and Registeel from the Ruby and Sapphire titles, and Regigigas - the creator of the Regis - from the Diamond and Pearl games. 

Regidrago was introduced alongside Regieleki in Sword and Shield, but this guide is about the former in Pokemon Go.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to defeat and catch Regidrago, or the best moveset to use in battle, this guide will go through everything trainers need to know about this Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

How to catch Regidrago in Pokemon Go

Regidrago will make its Pokemon Go debut in Elite Raids for a limited time. 

On Saturday, March 11 at 11 a.m.. 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. local time, Elite Raids housing Regidrago will hatch. It’ll be up to trainers to get to the Raid with friends to take it down. Regidrago will appear for just 30 minutes after they hatch, so be sure to coordinate and get to your local Gym as soon as you can.

Elite Raids are more challenging than the usual Level 5 Raids trainers may be used to. Normally, three trainers can probably take down a Level 5 Raid with relative ease. This time around, it’ll be easier to have at least five trainers join you in battle against Regidrago.

It should also be noted that trainers have to interact with the Raid in-person. Remote Raid Passes will not work on Elite Raids.

Once Regidrago is defeated, trainers will have a chance to catch it. 

Can you catch Shiny Regidrago in Pokemon Go?

The short answer is no. 

As with many other Pokemon when they are first introduced in Pokemon Go, Regidrago will not have its Shiny form unlocked in the mobile game. 

Shiny Regidrago will eventually arrive in Pokemon Go, trainers will just have to be patient and wait for that announcement. 

Pokemon Go Regidrago

(Image credit: Niantic)

Regidrago Raid Counters

Regidrago is a pure Dragon-type Pokemon, and as such it is weak to Ice, Fairy and Dragon-type attacks. It also resists Electric, Fire, Grass and Water moves.

As with other Dragon types, bringing a team of Fairy-type will be most beneficial. 

There are a couple of Mega Pokemon that have the Fairy typing, but only Mega Gardevoir is viable. Having access to Charm as its Fast Attack means it can deal a lot of damage very quickly. Couple that with Dazzling Gleam as its Charged Attack and Regidrago will have a rough time.

If Dragon types are your type of choice to go up against Regidrago, then either Mega Salamence or Mega Latios are your best bet. Rounding out a Dragon team with powerful Legendaries and pseudolegendaries like Rayquaza and Dragonite will benefit from the Mega boost of either Mega Pokemon you use.

Regidrago does have Dragon-type attacks so trainers need to be wary of being hit by them as they will deal super effective damage.

For Ice-type trainers, you can use Mega Abomasnow to get a big boost to your Ice types. Alongside it, Mamoswine, Weavile and Kyurem are great options to try and freeze out Regidrago in Pokemon Go.

Here’s a small sample of the best Pokemon that trainers can use against Regidrago in Pokemon Go.

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Poekmon Go Regidrago Raid Counters
Pokemon Move
Mega GardevoirCharm and Dazzling Gleam
Mega SalamenceDragon Tail and Draco Meteor
Mega LatiosDragon Breath and Dragon Claw
RayquazaDragon Tail and Breaking Swipe
MamoswinePowder Snow and Avalanche

Regidrago, unfortunately, doesn’t have the deepest movepool in Pokemon Go.

It has one Fast Attack, and it’s the Dark-type move Bite. While it doesn’t give it coverage against the types it is weak to, it does help fill up the move gauge rather quickly to dish out Regidrago’s power Charged Attacks.

Regidrago has three options for Charged Attacks. The first is the Normal-type move, Hyper Beam. The other two are Outrage and Dragon Pulse, both Dragon attacks.

If you’re running just one Charged Attack, we recommend Outrage as it deals more damage for the same energy requirement. If you open up the second slot, Hyper Beam will help take down Fairy types that you may encounter.

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