Pokemon Go is giving out free 3-month trial subscriptions to YouTube Premium

Pokemon Go
(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokemon Go trainers can pick up a free three-month trial subscription to YouTube Premium as part of the festivities surrounding Pokemon Go Fest 2021.

As the main sponsor for Pokemon Go Fest 2021, Google Play is serving up the extra-long trial to all Pokemon Go players in supported regions (which includes the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and Singapore in this case). To activate your trial membership, you can head to the official Pokemon Go blog and follow the link from there.

Being a YouTube Premium subscriber means no ad breaks before or between videos, downloading videos to play offline on mobile devices, playing videos even with the screen off, and getting complete access to the YouTube Music catalog via its dedicated app. As is the case for so many free trials these days, you will need to put in your payment information to get the trial, but you won't be charged until it ends - and you can cancel right after your sign up, if you prefer not to leave that task to your memory three months from now.

Also note that the special trial offer is only available to new YouTube Premium subscribers. If your Google account has ever been signed up with a YouTube Premium trial in the past (or a trial membership to one of its predecessors, like YouTube Red and Google Play Music), you won't be able to claim the three-month trial.

Pokemon Go Fest is set to begin this weekend, and just like last year you'll be able to participate from anywhere in the world. The special Pokemon Go fifth anniversary collection challenge will give you extra rewards for catching all of the starter Pokemon in the game so far as well as a flying Pikachu, and keep your eyes up while you're out there - you just might run into Shigeru Miyamoto playing with his family. Hopefully not literally – make sure you pay attention to where you're walking.

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