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Pokemon Go Fest Habitats: Schedule with every habitat during Go Fest 2020

Pokemon Go Fest 2020
(Image credit: Niantic)

The Pokemon Go Fest habitats will be rotating throughout the first day of the event, with the five habitats taking up hour-long timeslots each. If you're wondering exactly what that entails for this very special Pokemon Go (opens in new tab) weekend, we're here to help. Read on for all the details on the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 (opens in new tab) habitats, along with a complete habitat schedule so you know which ones are coming up. 

Pokemon Go Fest habitats explained

Habitats are essentially periods when only specific Pokemon will show up. Pokemon Go Fest 2020 has five unique habitats:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Grass
  • Battle
  • Friendship

The first three — Fire, Water, and Grass — are fairly self explanatory. Expect to be swarmed by Pokemon of those types whenever that habitat is in play. Battle and Friendship are slightly more ambiguous though; we've got no confirmation on the exact Pokemon that will spawn, but we can make some educated guesses.

PvP in Pokemon Go has a defined meta depending on which league you're battling in, so perhaps the Battle habitat will feature typically strong Pokemon for use in the Battle League? Friendship on the other hand will likely be all about the Pokemon that evolve with friendship in the core games; Budew, Cleffa, Eevee, Snom, and Chansey to name a few.

Pokemon Go Fest habitat schedule

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The image above shows the habitat schedule for the BST (United Kingdom), EDT (east coast US), and PDT (west coast US). If you're in a different timezone, just count along to work out which habitat will take place at which time. Despite being a full weekend event, the habitats are only around during the first day, taking place from 10am local time to 8pm. The event initially begins in New Zealand (UTC +12/NZST) with the Grass habitat.

Happy catching, trainer!

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