PlayStation website no longer lists Friends, Parties, and Trophies

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(Image credit: Sony)

The PlayStation's website has removed the ability to see online Friends, Parties, and view Trophies.

As first reported by Gamespot, the PlayStation website has now been altered by Sony. With the new update, the features for viewing Friends and Parties, as well as scrolling through your in-game Trophies, are no longer available, and have been entirely removed from the website.

Instead, users are recommended to use the PlayStation mobile app to take advantage of all the features removed from the official website. The removed part of the website was actually known as MyPlayStation, for those unfamiliar, and has acted as an extension for the aforementioned roles for three years now, after having been originally launched in 2018.

Right now, you can still use the PlayStation website to peruse your own online PSN profile, as well as viewing information about all your owned games. It's not entirely clear why Sony has made the decision to remove the Friends, Parties, and Trophy information, and whether they intend to further alter any other aspects of the PlayStation website in the immediate future.

In other PlayStation-related news, one of the publisher's biggest 2020 games is getting a re-release in just over a month from now. Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is bringing the action-packed samurai adventure game to PS5 consoles next month on August 20 with exclusive features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and super smooth 60 frames per second support.

Whereas those features are exclusive to the PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut, the new Iki Island expansion will launch across both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the re-release. In this new story DLC, protagonist Jin will journey to the neighboring island of Ikishima for a brand new adventure, fighting the invading Mongolian forces there. There's a lot to like about the upcoming re-release of one of PlayStation's biggest games of the last few years, as Jin's epic journey is sure to look even more stunning on the next-gen console.

For a complete summary of the other releases PlayStation has planned for its next-gen console over the coming months, head over to our upcoming PS5 games guide for more.

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