The PlayStation Store kicks off its Christmas deals with MGS 5 for 29.99

PSA: D-Dog is not just for Christmas. However, this is a pretty good way to catch up with the canine critter. Metal Gear Solid 5 is the first of the PlayStation Store's 12 deals of Christmas at the excellent price of £29.99. That makes it cheaper than both Amazon and GAME so a good indicator of the prices to come for some of this year's biggest games.

Also running this month is a games under £12 promotion that includes the Batman Arkham Collection for £11.99 (that's Asylum, City and Origins in one Bat-shaped dollop of explosive gel), the Burnout Paradise complete collection for £9.49 and a whole heap of PS5, PS3 and PS Vita games. You can see the full list on the PlayStation Blog.

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