The free PS Plus games for April are set, here's what's coming and when you can download them

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 The April 2018 selection of free PS Plus games has been revealed, and no, it could never have possibly topped a month that gave us both Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank. It just wasn't going to happen. Fortunately, the PS4 side of the Instant Game Collection is still getting some nice new visitors in April with Avalanche Studios' Mad Max and the madcap arcade racing of Trackmania Turbo. Moving on from those two, there are some… well, you could call them deeper cuts. All the April 2018 free PS Plus games will go live starting on Tuesday, April 3, so make sure you grab them ASAP (and stake your claim to March's games before then). 

April 2018 free PS Plus games

Mad Max (PS4): The studio behind the Just Cause series jumped behind the spikey, post-apocalyptic wheel of Mad Max and this open-world adventure was the result. Your mileage may vary depending on how much patience you have for clearing out a huge map full of objectives, but the car combat is worth a download all by itself.

Trackmania Turbo (PS4): A very different kind of car game, Trackmania Turbo is basically a video game version of setting up ridiculous Hot Wheels tracks in your bedroom. Find yourself a good server full of like-minded speed freaks and you'll have the time of your racing life. 

Q*Bert Rebooted (PS4, PS3, PS Vita): The hopping arcade star with a surprisingly foul mouth returns in both pixelated and polygonal form, including optional extra characters with special abilities. It's Q*Bert so you know exactly what you're getting - the only real complaint is that they didn't call it Reberted.

99Vidas (PS4, PS3, PS Vita): You only need one Vita to play 99Vidas, a beat-em-up that proudly shows its love for old-school faves like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. And hey, it's not a bad substitute for the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World game (a downloadable-only cult classic brawler that's sadly been unavailable for years).

In Space We Brawl (PS4, PS3): Twin-stick shoot-em-up action where you're trying to kill up to three other local players instead of just a bunch of mindless NPCs. It has bot support too, but this is definitely meant to be a couch multiplayer game.

Toy Home (PS3): Relive the days when people thought Sixaxis motion control steering was a good idea in this PS3 racer from 2007. 

March 2018 free PS Plus games

  • Bloodborne (PS4)
  • Ratchet & Clank (PS4)
  • Mighty No. 9 (PS4 and PS3)
  • Claire: Extended Cut (PS4 and PS Vita)
  • Bombing Busters (PS4 and PS Vita)
  • Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS3)

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