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PlayStation job listing that suggested PS5 was launching in October was a "mistake" according to a Sony rep

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Update: The seemingly leaked October release date for the PS5 was incorrect and "due to a mistake in the recruitment site" a Sony representative has told Japenese gaming outlet Famitsu (opens in new tab)

The full translated statement reads: "It was due to a mistake in the recruitment site, not the content that was written by our company." That seems to indicate that the job listing is real, but the release date remains unconfirmed for now. We've yet to hear back from an EU Sony rep, but will update our story again if we do. 

Original story: The release date for Sony's next gen console, the PS5 (opens in new tab), has potentially been revealed by a job listing at PlayStation on a Japanese careers website. 

A vacancy found on Rikunabi (opens in new tab), discovered via Resetera (opens in new tab), states that the the PS5 is "scheduled to be released in October 2020", specifying the month for the console's Holiday launch window. 

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The job listing, translated from Japanese, reportedly seeks for someone to "handle the trial purchasing of PlayStation hardware products" within Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The nature of the listing appearing on an official recruitment portal suggests that this is a legitimate source of information, albeit one we ought to take with a grain of salt in lieu of an official announcement about the PS5 release date from the company as of yet. After all, plans are changing quickly at the moment, so October might be a placeholder date. 

Even so, the prospect of an October launch for PS5 is certainly enticing, especially as that places it on the earlier end of the previously announced Holiday release timeline. We've reached out to Sony for comment on the veracity of this information, and will let you know if or when we hear anything more. 

In other news, AMD has already confirmed (opens in new tab) its ramping up production to ensure both the PS5 (opens in new tab) and Xbox Series X (opens in new tab) meet their release deadlines, while Xbox itself has offered some clarity (opens in new tab) on just what kind of framerates we can expect from the successor to the Xbox One. For all and everything next-gen shaped, be sure to stick to GamesRadar+.

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