PlayStation is ramping up its next-gen campaign with PS5 promotional emails

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Following this week's debut of the PS5's first live-action commercial, Sony is sending out its first round of promotional emails for  new console, signaling the race to next-gen is heating up.

Flagged by Reddit user yxung1, who graciously provided screenshots you can view here, the emails don't reveal anything new about the PS5. Instead, we're treated to breakdowns of key features we've already known about like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in the PS5 DualSense controller, as well as 3D audio. Nonetheless, it's yet another sign that PS5 news is imminent.

The elephant in the room is still the elusive PS5 price and pre-order details, which we can only imagine are the next big details to be revealed. If the most recent rumor is to be believed, we can look forward to both the PS5 and Xbox Series X releasing mid-November with base price tags of $499. The same rumor says the lighter-weight Xbox Series S will launch at a very approachable $299, while the PS5 digital edition will cost $399.

The ever-bountiful rumor mill also suggests a PS5 digital event is "tentatively scheduled" for some time this month (reminder: there are 10 days left in this month). The info comes by way of a Bloomberg report citing an anonymous source from PlayStation, but it's always possible plans have changed. Either way, the console is still due out this Holiday season, so the deadline for new info draws ever closer as we near the end of Summer. 

Hang tight folks, all of your burning questions will be answered soon.

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