PlayStation fans think a new State of Play is coming soon - but don't get caught up in the hype just yet

God of War Ragnarok
(Image credit: Sony Santa Monica)

The internet is speculating about a potential PlayStation State of Play showcase airing as soon as next week.

Earlier today on June 20, Twitter personality Tom Henderson compiled a list of clues pointing towards a new State of Play presentation. The leaker firstly points to the announcement of a new Gran Turismo 7 update arriving next week, before referencing a previous report which claimed God of War Ragnarok's release date would be unveiled later this month.

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It's worth pointing out that the Gran Turismo 7 update could simply be announced for an immediate release via the game's social media accounts, or via the PlayStation Blog, which developer Polyphony Digital has actually done a fair few times since the game launched earlier this year.

As for a God of War Ragnarok release date announcement, that could well merit a State of Play presentation. However, it's worth noting that for PlayStation's last big exclusive - Horizon Forbidden West - the publisher chose to forego a State of Play showcase for announcing the game's release date, and instead announced it via Gamescom Opening Night Live.

So, while there at might first appear to be plenty of evidence for an imminent State of Play, it's worth bearing in mind PlayStation's history with announcements before jumping to conclusions. Then again, the publisher really could just roll out the red carpet for God of War Ragnarok's release date unveiling.

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