PlayStation Canada lists new Ghost of Tsushima release date as August

(Image credit: Sony)

A Ghost of Tsushima delay may have been leaked by PlayStation Canada, whose website now suggests Sucker Punch's upcoming PS4 game is releasing on August 1, rather than its current launch date of June 26. 

As spotted by a user on the Ghost of Tsushima Reddit page, PlayStation Canada's listing for the open world action title has the date "08/01/2020" posted as clear as day on its homepage, not once, but twice. You can check it out for yourself here

To make matters more complex, the game's product page on the PlayStation Canada website has the original June 26 release at the top of the page but also lists the August 1 date at the bottom of the page. Either someone at PlayStation Canada has got their wires crossed, or Sony is about to announce a delay to Ghost of Tsushima, which would push the game's launch window back by just over a month. 

It's possible that a rescheduling such as this is to accommodate a new timeframe for The Last of Us 2, which recently had to withdraw from its original May 29 release date due to ongoing concerns around the continued spread of coronavirus across the globe. 

If Ghost of Tsushima is now launching on August 1, then perhaps we can expect The Last of Us 2 to hit stores later this June, when the former was originally anticipated to release. Or this could just be a genuine faux pas on PlayStation Canada's part. 

Hopefully we'll find out soon enough, as we've reached out to PlayStation EU for comment/clarification on this story, and will update you when or if we hear anything more. 

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