PlayStation boss unsure if The Elder Scrolls and Starfield are coming to PS5

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PlayStation boss Jim Ryan doesn’t know if The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield are coming to PS5. 

This comes from an interview with Russian news agency TASS, where Ryan discussed how the decision for both titles to be released on PS5 is neither his or Sony’s, now that Microsoft has purchased Bethesda. He said, “That’s a decision that is out of our hands, we’ll wait and see what happens.” 

Ryan also discussed the process of Sony, saying, “We just take a different approach. Our emphasis has been to focus on really steady, slow, but constant organic growth of our studios, selectively bolstered by acquisitions. We respect the steps taken by our competition, they seem logical and sensible. But we’re equally happy and confident, we’ve got a better launch lineup than we’ve ever had at any of our console launches.” 

Microsoft bought Bethesda, the ZeniMax Media studio, back in September for a whopping $7.5 billion. Now that the company owns the company and the intellectual property, it’s unclear whether we’ll be seeing future Bethesda titles such Starfield on PS4 or PS5, or The Elder Scrolls 6 on PlayStation consoles. 

However, it was recently announced that Arkane Studios’ Deathloop, the first-person action game, will be coming to both PS5 and PC next year and despite Bethesda being purchased by Microsoft, it’s still honoring the console exclusivity deal with Sony. 

Starfield was announced during E3 2018 and is a brand new IP currently in development. The Elder Scrolls 6 was also announced during E3 2018 and is the next installment in the fantasy RPG franchise.

Microsoft has yet to confirm release dates for both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 and whether the Bethesda games will be coming to other consoles.

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