Platinum Games is "still hard at work" on Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta winks as she holds her gun aloft
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Platinum Games' game director, Hideki Kamiya, has reached out to assure Bayonetta 3 fans that no, the highly-anticipated third instalment of the fan-favourite franchise "hasn't been cancelled by any means".

In a wide-ranging interview, Kamiya confirmed that he's seen worried fans' comments on social media but wanted to encourage them that despite a lack of updates and information recently, "[Platinum Games is] still hard at work on it" on the hack-n-slash sequel.

"I'm on Twitter so I see a lot of comments every day," Kamiya said in an interview with VGC (thanks, Eurogamer). "I'm happy that there's still anticipation for the title, but one thing I would like to address is the trend I'm seeing which is people who are starting to ask if the game has been cancelled.

"I want you guys to take any concerns you have like that and throw them out the window immediately because we're still hard at work on it and it hasn't been cancelled by any means. Please look forward to it!"

The witch queen Bayonetta is coming back once again after a six-year hiatus with Bayonetta 3, which was revealed by Nintendo back in 2017. Ever since there’s been little in the way of new information beyond a few interview snippets dwelling on the project. Regardless, we thought it’d be best to put all of that information together to help you get caught up in anticipation of its arrival – which can’t be too far away!

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