Exclusive First Pixels Trailer

Update 2: After two days of merciless teasing we can finally reveal the first international trailer for Adam Sandler’s upcoming sci-fi comedy Pixels. And a tantalising trailer it is too, with a mammoth automobile-munching Pac-Man and a barrel-tossing Donkey Kong among the highlights.

Co-starring Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan, Josh Gad and Kevin James (as the President of the United States!) Pixels was adapted from Patrick Jean’s superb short film, which Sandler immediately saw big screen potential in after first watching it in 2010, “I remember seeing [the short film] in my office four years ago and I was just… excited,” Sandler said. “We’ve been wanting to make this movie for a long time. It was an exciting thing to see. It’s nostalgic and it’s got a cool look to it. Just seeing Donkey Kong and all the guys from your childhood take over a city was very interesting.”

The film was directed by Harry Potter’s Chris Columbus, who’s no stranger to effects-driven blockbusters, but Pixels presented a unique opportunity. “What was interesting about Pixels and the concept of Pixels is I felt when I read that script, actually we have the ability to create something the audience has never seen before in terms of visual effects by bringing these 8-bit videogame characters to life on a large, three dimensional scale.”

Pixels is released 12 August 2015 in the UK and 24 July 2015 in the US.

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Update 1: Sony has released a second teaser with a smidge of new footage ahead of tomorrow's full trailer debut.

Original story: Ahead of the first full trailer, which you'll find exclusively on GamesRadar+ this Tuesday, here's a 10-second glimpse at Adam Sandler's upcoming videogame action comedy Pixels.

Based on Patrick Jean's spectacular short film Pixels sees aliens invade Earth in the form of classic '80s arcade characters after mistaking a video feed featuring footage of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders as a declaration of war.

Sandler stars as Sam Brenner - a King Of Kong-esque arcade whiz who, along with his childhood nemesis (Peter Dinklage), a young gaming prodigy (Josh Gad) and the military's advanced weapons specialist (Michelle Monaghan) must save the day using the tactics that saw him top high score boards 30 years earlier.

Pixels is released 12 August 2015 in the UK and 24 July 2015 in the US.

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