Pikachu ski mask perfect for armed robbery

11)Pet Metroid
This miniature space critter comes with the important instruction to keep it well fed, thereby suppressing its urge to chow down on your brains. Either that or keep it shut tight in the bottle. Release your pet Metroid at your own risk. You have been warned…

Dangly controllers
These were billed as Christmas decorations but we suspect they’d be just at home over a baby’s cot, to subliminally prepare him or her for a life of quality gaming.

Mario top
Assorted Mario images on a very unofficial (and cool) homemade top. Too late for Christmas, of course, but maybe somebody has a birthday coming up. Also: avoids the potential embarrassment of bumping into someone wearing exactly the same outfit from Top Shop.

Legend of cool
Get in my mouth and fulfil your destiny! So sings the Deku Tree in this musical tribute to Ocarina Of Time, and don’t let us be the ones to disagree with a giant talking lump of wood and the beginning of the greatest adventure of all time.

Distressed NES sign
Mark your gaming territory with this wooden door sign that comes pre-distressed to look like it was hewn from a tree in the ’80s and weathered outdoors in Siberia for the subsequent 20 years. Like it.

NESbook case
Got a netbook? Or possibly a DSi XL…? Then here’s an excellent handmade case that’ll keep it snug and warm and safe from scratches while demonstrating your Nintendo fandom in the clearest manner possible.

Laser Mario
We’ve heard people play the Mario tune on all sorts of non-musical things before but this is the first time we’ve heard it done on a laser etcher. Still, it’s just the Mario tune, and because it’s a bit old hat there’s some guy talking all the way over the top of the performance. Cheers.

Legend of Halo
Halo 3 players might have noticed that the Valhalla multiplayer level looks a bit like Hyrule Field – albeit with great big laser towers and multicoloured spacemen jumping around. Cue the title sequence from Ocarina Of Time plus some cunningly constructed fake dungeons. Not many pointy ears, mind.

Should you ever find yourself hiding from Koopas in a gloomy 8-bit sewer, this top might keep you hidden for long enough to escape/wake up. Also, you can spill blue and orange paint on it without messing up the design.

Pikachu gone (horribly) wrong
Perhaps the artist behind this was imagining Pikachu in the scene from Robocop where the guy gets melted by a vat of toxic waste. It’s the only possible explanation.

Feb 8, 2010