Pick up Medal of Honor on Steam for only five bucks

Didn’t get a chance to find out who the heavily bearded soldier on the box art was? Well, now you can, for only five bucks! 2010’s Medal of Honor is today's Daily Deal on Steam, and it’s going for 75% off its $20 price.

Medal of Honor’s campaign tells the story of an elite group of handpicked Coalition soldiers sent into Afghanistan for a top-secret, failure-is-not-an-option mission. OK, so it didn’t breaking any new ground story-wise, but there are some effective moments of realism and tension, and great class-based multiplayer with plenty of game modes.

When GR reviewed Medal of Honor, we gave the single player a 7/10 and the multiplayer 8/10, with an 8 overall. Now, if that doesn’t sound like $5 worth of FPS, than you might just be 4-F, soldier!

Alex Roth