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Phoenix, Mike Haggar revealed in Marvel vs Capcom 3

The drip-feed of new MvC character announcements continues today with the reveal of Marvel'sJean "Phoenix" Greyand Capcom'sMike Haggar. Both were announced during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and bring the total character count to 34 - that's still a bit shy of Marvel vs Capcom 2's 56 playable characters, but hey, most of them were recycled sprites Capcom had been kicking around for years anyway.

Gamespot has the first videos of both new characters, but embed code means everyone gets to share!

Above: Mike Haggar, of Final Fight fame, appears to the play like a more energetic Zangief. He's also a mayor!

Above: Phoenix is able to, at the last second before dying, execute a move that transforms her into Dark Phoenix. Doing so replenishes her life, but then slowly eats away at her until she croaks for real

MvC3 is out February 15, making the total wait time between 2 and 3 about ten and a half years. To say expectations are high is an understatement, but what we've played so far suggests it'll be a worthy addition to the long-running Vs series. In fact, we'll have more to say about it later today...

Jan 6, 2010