Phantasy Star Universe gets new content

The stupidly nostalgic (for us PSO nuts anyway) Phantasy Star Universe is set to expand with a new Ambition of Illuminus expansion pack. Arriving in the form of downloadable content on Xbox 360 and a retail release for PC and PS2 users, the expansion introduces new single-player and online content such as new roulette and slot mini-games in the lobbies and a slew of new weapons and armor for your inventory.

Offline there's new missions and characters to enjoy and you'll also be able to play through the campaign with your own custom character, rather than that spiky-hairedbrat Sega lumbered you with in the original. Excitingly for fans, there's also the promise of new character classes, enemies and harder bosses. As always if you haven't a clue what we're talking about check out ourPSU reviewhere.

April 27, 2007