Peter Parker faces judgment from Gwen Stacy in Amazing Spider-Man #10 AXE tie-in first look

Amazing Spider-Man #10 page
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

As the world is facing scrutiny from a reborn Celestial who plans to judge all the people of Earth individually and collectively to determine whether the planet will be wiped out in AXE: Judgment Day, Peter Parker is facing his own judgment in Amazing Spider-Man #10 - and he's coming face to face with his long dead love Gwen Stacy, who seems to be the one putting Peter through his paces for judgment.

Marvel has released a first look of unlettered interior pages from Amazing Spider-Man #10 by series writer Zeb Wells and guest artist Nick Dragotta, with colorist Marcio Menyz, showing off Peter's confrontation with the apparition of Gwen Stacy, amid an encounter with Marvel's other Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

Here's the unlettered first look at interior pages:

In Marvel's line-wide AXE: Judgment Day crossover, Tony Stark, the Eternals, and Mister Sinister create a brand new living Celestial from the Celestial husk that has formed part of Avengers Mountain. But rather than being a beneficent new Celestial, it immediately announced plans to judge the morality of the entire world, to determine whether all life on Earth will live or die.

Most recently, in AXE: Judgment Day #3, the Celestial made its first judgment, deeming Captain America a failure, and giving him a thumbs down. This of course leaves many of Earth's heroes struggling to understand, that if Captain America, who is generally considered a moral paragon, can't pass the test, who can? 

Now, Spider-Man will be the next to find out where he stands in the great order of moral judgment in September 28's Amazing Spider-Man #10.

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