Pen To Paper

Had everyone fooled, didn’t he? While gossip was flitting and flapping about the Joker and Two-Face, Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have indeed been gearing up to shoot their follow-up to Batman Begins. But it has nothing to do with the Dark Knight. In fact, Nolan will shoot his brother’s adap of The Prestige, from a novel by Christopher Priest.

Jonathan Nolan, whose short story formed the core of Memento, has inked the tale of two magicians in period London who are willing to resort to murder to protect the secrets of their trade. Christian Bale and Aussie oak Hugh Jackman will play the two arch rivals, with Bale building on his swelling relationship with Nolan and Jackman presumably still keen to banish memories of his last period cock-up, Van Helsing.

Elsewhere. Irish bad-boy Colin Farrell will join Edward Norton and Noah Emmerich (Jim Carrey’s best buddy in The Truman Show) in Pride And Glory. The story centres on how a law enforcement family cope with a scandal. Farrell plays the supposed dirty cop Norton is charged with investigating, while Emmerich is the station house chief tasked with shouting a lot and asking everyone for their badges and guns. Well, there’s a fair chance.

Finally, a movie we really, really want to see. Mike Myers has at last signed on to star in a biopic of Keith Moon, the legendary drummer of rock ’n’ roll band The Who. A certified nutter equally fond of horse tranquiliser and driving cars into swimming pools, Moon ‘the Loon’ has been in line for movie treatment for five years. Now, with Who frontman Roger Daltrey producing, fan Myers is ready to sit at the kit. Or rather, this being Moon, fall asleep behind it.

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