Palworld players up in arms about new breeding limitations, dev says "we will roll this back, but it will take a day or two"

Palworld Relaxaurus
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A recent Palworld change that may or may not be a bug is going to be patched out, but it'll take a couple of days.

After the latest Palworld patch, players have been reporting an issue with breeding that seemingly forces negative traits associated with wild Pals on bred ones. For example, wild Relaxaurus will always have the Glutton passive, while wild Cattivas are afflicted with Coward, but you can get rid of these traits by breeding and cross-breeding your Pals. However, the most recent patch seems to have made it so that you can no longer breed out these negative passives.

"Can we ask for a rollback for this one?" reads a user request (lightly edited for clarity) from the official Palworld Discord channel. "We didn't know if it was the developer's intention, but always having Glutton on Relaxaurus or Coward on Cattiva etc, even on crossbred pals, can be a big nerf on certain Pal lovers."

A reply from community manager Bucky confirms: "We will roll this back, but it will take a day or two to deploy."

It's unclear whether this was an intended change by Pocketpair or just a bug, but either way, you'll once again be able to breed out undesirable passives in favor of positive ones in relatively short order. It sounds like you'll also be able to cross-breed Pals and experiment with various passive combos once again, which should go some way in making up for the devs "inadvertently fixing a bug" that was apparently left in the game intentionally so players could have fun with it.

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