Palworld devs "apologize for inadvertently fixing a bug" that was apparently intentionally left in the survival game so players could have fun with it

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The line between bugs and features grows ever thinner as Palworld developer Pocketpair apologizes for "inadvertently fixing a bug" that players were having a lot of fun with. 

Palworld's latest patch delivered a bunch of quality-of-life changes and bug fixes (as well as an economy-obliterating gold farming fix), but one of those fixes wasn't actually planned. As Pocketpair noted on its English Twitter: "As a result of various bugs that we fixed in the most recent patch, a bug that allowed players to capture the tower boss was unintentionally fixed. We apologize for inadvertently fixing a bug." 

The bug in question enabled players to add the game's tower bosses to their roster – amusingly, as two-in-one trainer-Pal combos that behave just as they do in the tower fights. It was a bit fiddly compared to catching normal Pals, but players have been kidnapping tower bosses for several weeks now. 

From Pocketpair's wording here, it sounds like the devs were also in on the fun. If this bug was "unintentionally fixed," then it was presumably intentionally left in the game for players to enjoy. The question now is if, and when, Pocketpair may make tower bosses capturable again, either as a still-fiddly bug or a more straightforward feature. 

Unsurprisingly, Palworld players are already asking for this fun bug to be added back in. The "Ideas and Wishes" channel of the game's official Discord server is filled with requests for catchable tower bosses, and the main subreddit is similarly stuffed. Pocketpair's statement has also gotten some reactions, with many players praising the devs for embracing the chaotic fun of the bug. Here's hoping an acceptable middle ground is reached soon, especially as tower bosses seem to be pivotal in some niche Pal breeding strategies. Let's not dwell on the logistics of that – after all, it's canon that Pal eggs just materialize out of thin air.  

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