Palworld tycoon has kept the survival game running "since launch" some 900 hours ago to farm a million gold off a honey farm: "Almost scared to look at the hours played"

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One Palworld player has amassed a fortune with their vast supplies of honey and patience. 

Over on the Palworld subreddit, player Bungeon_Dungeon has revealed they've managed to make upwards of a million gold in Pocketpair's survival adventure simply by selling honey. According to the accompanying screenshot, they've made over 45,053 pots of the sweet and sticky golden substance, earning them a colossal 1,126,325 gold.

Honey = money. How do you guys like to farm for gold? from r/Palworld

It's certainly impressive, though if you're considering setting up your own honey farm, be warned that it's far from a get-rich-quick scheme. As the player points out in the comments, they've had the game running "almost" since launch. "[I'm] almost scared to look at the hours played," they write. Given that Palworld launched on January 19, 38 days ago, their playtime is likely approaching 900 hours at this point.

Of course, this method means you don't actively have to do anything. After setting some honey-making Pals, such as Beegardes, to work at your base, all that's left to do is sit back and watch the honey (and the money) slowly roll in. 

In the comments, some players are all for this money-making technique. "Wow, a million in sales. Business is booming!" says one. Another writes, "It accumulates so fast with no action required from the player. Put a few Beegardes on duty, walk away for a bit, come back, you're rich."

Others, though, aren't convinced it's worth the effort. "That's roughly 25 gold per honey," says ccjohns2. "Not worth it." SaiyanGodKing writes, "I just play the game. I do a few boss runs and sell the goods they drop. I have millions at this point."

Palworld burst onto the scene last month, selling 2 million copies in its first 24 hours and reaching highs of more than 2 million concurrent players on Steam with its delightfully odd mix of survival, crafting, Pokemon-like creatures, and guns.

It's almost embarrassing that Pokemon got upstaged by something as sloppy as Palworld, a janky survival game carried by one good idea.

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