Owners of Saints Row: The Third on PS3 get free digital copy of Saints Row 2

Yesterday THQ launched Saints Row: The Third, and while the world embraced it with open arms, some questions remained. Questions like where's that exclusive PS3 content yuo promised? Just a day after everyone asked, THQ has the answer, as anyone who buys the game on PS3 will get Saints Row 2 for free.

Above: As long as we’ve got you here, why not watch the launch trailer for The Third. It couldn’t hurt

All you need to do is hop online and register your online pass for Saints Row: The Third, which means this offer is only open to PS3 players that buy it new. Once that’s done, you’ll have secured your copy of the older game, though it won’t be available until next week. And the offer is valid up to February 13 of next year, and is only valid in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Though it’s a cool offer and we always like free things, after you’ve played the crap out of a giant sandbox game like The Third, will you really want to go back to the prequel? Then again, maybe you’ll love hanging with the Saints so much, you’ll be dying to find out what happened before. Obviously we thought The Third was awesome, so why shouldn't you?

Henry Gilbert

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