Saints Row The Third missing promised PlayStation 3-exclusive content

A lot of promises were made at this past E3, with several publishers throwing their support behind Sony with exclusive content for multi-platform games. But just as was the case with EA's Battlefield 3, which was missing the copy of Battlefield 1943 the publisher said would be included in PlayStation 3 copies of the game, THQ's Saints Row: The Third is, too, lacking something brought up at E3: the ability to wield the game's "signature weapon" with the PlayStation Move.

That signature weapon is, of course, the dildo bat, which has been featured in just about every trailer for the game since it was announced. It's sort of Saints Row: The Third's Master Sword, and the prospect of being able to swing around the floppy, purple sex toy with the PlayStation Move is definitely an enticing offer, and might have been enough to sway some gamers towards picking up the PlayStation 3 version of the game. But, for some reason, that feature was cut. Even stranger than it being cut is the fact that THQ hasn't actually commented on it since the initial announcement – PlayStation 3 owners just got their copy and found that the promised content wasn't included.

Neither company has commented on the omission, meaning that they either forgot about it, don't want to admit that it was cut, or are waiting to reveal the Move functionality as downloadable content (which sounds like the most likely option).

Still, even without the ability to slap around baddies with a motion-controlled dildo, Saints Row: The Third is still pretty damn awesome, as you can read in our review. That's not to say that we wouldn't want that feature added to the game or anything – we totally would – it's just that it didn't stop Saints Row from being one of the best games of the year.

Hollander Cooper

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