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The name Judd Apatow has become synonymous with good quality comedy these days. After the likes of The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, Knocked Up and the incoming Superbad, you don’t need us to tell you the man knows funny.

Drillbit Taylor is one of his next productions, and it’s crammed with Apatow regulars both behind and in front of the camera - Seth Rogen co-wrote the script, while Leslie Mann appears as a sexy English teacher.

But the star of the show is a newcomer to the Judd world – Owen Wilson. He plays the titular Taylor, a lazy bum hired by three kids sick of getting bullied by the popular kids. Can he help them out, and win Mann’s heart? Given it’s an Apatow production, we’re guessing yes, but not in the traditional way you might expect.

We caught a glimpse of the trailer at Comic Con this past weekend, and while we’re glad it’s online, we can’t help but think the video introduction that Apatow and director Steve Brill was actually funnier. Still, check out the promo here .

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