Overwatch 2 won't be getting any more PvE story missions until at least 2024

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Overwatch 2 won't be getting any new PvE story missions for at least the next couple of seasons, the game's executive producer has confirmed. 

Appearing in a recent live stream with Twitch streamer Emongg, Jared Neuss - executive producer of Overwatch 2 - discussed the game's PvE content, revealing that we won't be getting any new missions until a couple more seasons have passed. "Don't expect the next round [of story missions] in the next season and the season after that, or anything like that," Neuss explains. 

"It is very much like trying to find that balance between getting [story missions] in front of players quickly because we love story stuff, and giving ourselves enough time to make changes or add features," the producer continues. Neuss didn't give us a date for when to expect this new PvE content but judging from his comments, as well as the timing of Overwatch 2's new seasons, it would be fair to assume the developer is hinting towards a 2024 time frame. 

Elsewhere in the stream, Neuss goes on to say: "To be fair, there's a bunch of stuff that we want to do next year, or that are already in development for next year, that will fill the gaps that people will have in between." Neuss continues: "We're trying to make it so that it doesn't feel like 'and then there's nothing' for a long extended period of time. It's more like 'there's this cool thing!' and 'there's this other narrative thing', 'there's this other narrative thing' - we keep telling interesting stories and moving that all forward." 

It's no secret that fans have had mixed feelings about Overwatch 2 lately. Earlier this year Blizzard revealed it was killing Overwatch 2's PvE mode before later resurrecting it and revealing it is changing it into something more manageable for development. Most recently, it was revealed that Overwatch 2's PvE is paywalled - a change that's left fans feeling pretty fed up with Blizzard's hero shooter and questioning why did we need Overwatch 2 in the first place?

In other news, Overwatch 2 players are getting story content soon with a new animated mini-series.

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