Overwatch 2 players are getting story content soon with a new animated mini-series

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(Image credit: Blizzard)

Overwatch 2 is debuting an animated mini-series next week which serves as a prequel to the world’s Omnic Crisis.

The Overwatch community has long requested an animated show or film based on the hero shooter due to how consistently great the animated shorts have been since the first game came out in 2016. Now, developer Blizzard has taken its first steps to make that dream a reality with a 2D mini-series called Genesis - Part One: Dawn.

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The first part of Genesis focuses on the aforementioned Omnic Crisis, which in the Overwatch universe, was the big war between previously peaceful (or just obedient) robots and the rest of the world. Or maybe it would be more accurate to call the event a robo revolution, rather than a war. 

Either way, the above trailer shows how peaceful the world had been before the conflict and how chaotic it soon became. Although, that conflict seems to have given us some exciting action scenes, so no complaints here. The trailer also teases appearances from long-time Overwatch favourites including Ana, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn, as well as all-new characters. 

Genesis - Part One: Dawn debuts on YouTube on July 6th. There’s no word yet on when future parts will drop, and whether or not they’ll focus on the Omnic Crisis too.

The Overwatch 2 team recently scrapped their plans for the game’s big co-op PvE mode which would give players modified skills, RPG progression, and exciting stories with our now-iconic heroes. Even more recently, the developers announced that the rest of the upcoming co-op content would be paywalled. So, hopefully, the new animated series somewhat makes up for those binned stories. 

Regardless, the change in plans left us to wonder: why did Overwatch need a sequel in the first place?

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