Overwatch 2 survey floating $45 skins is "not indicative of final pricing," Blizzard says

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A recent Overwatch 2 survey suggested $45 skins could soon become a reality, but the studio now tells GamesRadar+ that isn't the case.

For some background, a survey went out within the last week asking Overwatch players if they would shell out $45 for premium skins in the sequel, and to the surprise of literally nobody who's ever played a video game, folks weren't thrilled about the implications.

"Oof, friend of mine got an Overwatch survey for his account, some of these prices they're gauging for OW2 are really expensive," said Portergauge in a July 29 tweet. "I hope this is just him getting one of the higher price surveys and not an indication that they're leaning towards this much monetization."

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We reached out to Blizzard when the survey started being shared around the internet, and today we have a response. According to the studio, the $45 value was randomized and isn't "indicative of final pricing."

"This survey is entirely intended to better understand player preferences for different types of Overwatch 2 cosmetics," said an Overwatch spokesperson. "Prices displayed in the survey were randomized per user and are not indicative of final pricing. We plan to share details on our Shop and Battle Pass system closer to our Oct. 4 launch."

Of course, while somewhat reassuring, this isn't a hard confirmation that there won't be exorbitant microtransactions in Overwatch 2, especially since we now know it'll be a free-to-play game, and those have increasingly become hot beds for that kind of stuff.

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