Overwatch 2 players aren't exactly excited about the game's first Halloween event

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror 2022
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The first Halloween-themed event in Overwatch 2 is due to kick off today but fans are already disappointed in Blizzard's seasonal offerings. 

As detailed on the Overwatch website, from October 25 - November 9 players will be able to take part in new Halloween-themed challenges to unlock special rewards like the Jack-o'-Lantern Weapon Charm, Battle Pass XP, the Nightfall Over Adlersbrunn Name Card, and more. Blizzard is also offering Halloween-themed skins for the heroes Junker Queen, Kikiro, and Ashe. What's left fans with a bad taste in their mouth, however, is the fact that these skins aren't being offered as rewards and instead need to be paid for via the Overwatch Shop. 

As evidenced on the likes of Reddit and Twitter, players aren't happy that they now have to buy these skins instead of earning them in-game. To put it into perspective, during last year's Overwatch Halloween Terror event, players could unlock Legendary and Epic spooky skins for the likes of Brigitte, Lucio, Genji, and more. As demonstrated in the posts below, this change of heart from Blizzard has been extremely disappointing for fans. 

remember_when_the_game_was_rewarding_to_play from r/Overwatch
no_skins_as_rewards_for_playing_the_halloween from r/Overwatch
the_halloween_skins_should_be_unlocked_by_playing from r/Overwatch

"Remember when the game was rewarding to play?", one Reddit post reads as many other fans agree in the comments. "No skins as rewards for playing the Halloween event sucks," another Reddit post is captioned with the comments full of people reminiscing about past Halloween events in Blizzard's FPS game. Another fan has pointed out on Reddit that it's very likely that the pirate Reaper skin - that Blizzard gifted to fans as an apology due to the game's rocky launch - could have actually originally been planned for this event. 

This is just one of the recent things getting Overwatch 2 players down; last week we also reported that Overwatch 2 players are stuck in queue because nobody wants to play support. This is due to Blizzard making support a much less enjoyable role to play in Overwatch 2 - a sentiment also shared by our very own Alyssa Mercante who has also said it sucks being an Overwatch 2 support player

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