Origin Access is free for a month if you secure your EA account

(Image credit: EA)

Keep your EA account safe from hackers and get a month to access the 200+ games that come with an Origin Access Basic subscription. All you need to do is turn on two-factor authentication before October ends, and EA gives you a month of Origin Access Basic. 

EA is providing the irresistible incentive to activating login verification in recognition of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Ticking on 2FA is incredibly simple - logging into my EA account, checking the box, and entering the security code took me all of 60 seconds to complete, and now I have a massive catalog of games waiting for me November 1, or at most a couple days later.

The incentive is highly inclusive as well. If you're already an Origin Access subscriber, you won't be charged for the month of November, and that includes both Basic and Premier subscriptions. Furthermore, if you already had 2FA enabled, you'll automatically get a free month of Origin Access Basic. Really, it's a super simple thing to do and it guarantees you access to over 200 free games, and it makes your EA account more secure. Don't hesitate, because if you fail to act by the end of the month, you'll lose your chance.

Origin Access is a PC-only subscription service that offers a consistently updated catalog of games for subscribers. Some of the more high-profile games included in the Basic tier service include Anthem, Battlefield 5, Titanfall 2, Vampyr, and the classic Star Wars Battlefront from 2004.

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