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Oren Moverman talks Cobain biopic

Kurt Cobain


Oscar-nominated director Oren Moverman has opened up about his planned biopic of rocker Kurt Cobain.

While talking with The Guardian, he has revealed that Bob Dylan film I’m No There – which he co-wrote with director Todd Haynes – is a particular touch stone for his new project.

“Biopics can get hung up on authenticity, but our film [I'm Not There] is constantly lying — it’s clearly not a truthful representation of Dylan,” he says.

“His name isn’t even mentioned. I can appreciate the frustration of someone who complains that they don’t learn anything about Dylan from the film, but that’s actually true to the experience of trying to understand Dylan; it’s what Dylan himself would want.”

Moverman goes on to add that his Cobain flick will be “raw and chaotic, which is what Cobain’s life was like, but it’s more linear than I’m Not There ; it’ll take you from A to Z.

“People know the shortcut version - he took a lot of heroin, wrote ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, became the biggest rock star in the world, and killed himself. Those known things about him are to me the least interesting.”

Really, then, anything could happen. Will Cobain simply live in his own fuggy alt-world imagining he’s the star of his own costume drama? We’ve heard of stranger ideas…

What do you want from a Cobain biopic?

Source: [ The Guardian ]

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