One of Elden Ring's coolest mods un-nerfs the Sword of Night and Flame and then some

Sword of Night and Flame buff
(Image credit: NexusMods)

Elden Ring players know firsthand how incredible the Sword of Night and Flame can be… well. Before it was nerfed, anyways.

Now, however, a new mod called Sword of Night and Flame - Unbound seeks to restore the weapon's phenomenal performance. Don't believe me? Well, here's a player putting the enhanced weapon through its paces against some of the game's most difficult enemies, including Malenia:

"Some people may have Jesus Christ, but in my case, you're my personal lord and savior. ty for the file!" commented one happy user.

If you too fancy giving it a spin - literally, of course! - then head on over to NexusMods.

Elden Ring players were also recently blown away by a late starter who's somehow reached the Godskin Apostle without understanding a basic function of the game: fast travel.

When the community members casually responded that all the player had to do was "teleport out", they responded with: "Oh my god, I didn’t even know that was a thing. Thank you".

It kicked off a wider conversation about how some players were several hours into the game without understanding other key features, too.

"I managed to get to Margit without sitting at the Grace to meet Melina. I just thought it was like Bloodborne and I'd need to attempt a boss before I could level up... that was fun," said one.

"I didn’t know you could sprint for my entire first play-through. I even knew I could climb up and down ladders faster. I felt real stupid when I realized," added another, whilst someone else admitted that they'd gone all the way to the Capitol before they realized you could level up your flask.

Elden Ring players have decided that the game's ferocious Runebears are not worth fighting, along with the Revenant, the Magma Wyrm, and yes, even the "dreaded Dragonfly".

In a thread on Elden Ring's subreddit, players nominated the enemies they "suck at fighting" (or think are "not worth killing; you can decide what the distinction is), starting off with Runebears.

Other enemies on the community's shit list include all the "big" creatures - "big bird, big lobster/crayfish, big dog, and big octopus"; even the big flowers get a vote - the Albinaurics "with the black stuff all over themselves", Wormfaces, Runebears, Abductor Virgins, Hands, Marionettes, and last but not least, the Red Wolf (all versions, it seems).

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