Olivia Wilde shares new look at Florence Pugh in Don't Worry Darling

Florence Pugh in Outlaw King
(Image credit: Netflix)

Director Olivia Wilde has shared the first official glimpse of Florence Pugh in the upcoming '50s-set thriller Don't Worry Darling.

We've already seen some behind the scenes shots of Pugh and Harry Styles in period costume, but this is the first official sneak peek of the movie. The photo, which Wilde shared on Instagram, shows Pugh facing her camera with her hands up and her disheveled, with what appears to be the authorities closing in behind her.

Pugh is the movie's female lead. She plays housewife Alice, one half of a married couple alongside Styles, who begins to doubt her sanity after she starts to notice strange goings-on in her neighborhood. The pair star alongside Chris Pine, KiKi Layne, Gemma Chan and Nick Kroll, with Wilde also playing a supporting role. Don’t Worry Darling is the director’s sophomore feature after 2019’s high school comedy Booksmart

Another shot, posted on Wilde's Instagram stories (and later shared on Twitter), shows a still from the movie on a computer screen. Pugh still looks concerned in these pics, but she looks much more put together. She seems to be talking to a male character, although it's unclear who it is – maybe Chris Pine?

Wilde previously took to Instagram to praise Pugh's performance in the movie, writing: "To work with an actor as talented and brave as Florence Pugh is any director’s dream. I will forever be grateful for you, Flo. It was an honor to be your captain. Can’t wait for the world to see the astonishing work you’ve put into this movie."

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