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Olga Kurylenko to portray A.I. in sci-fi thriller Android

Olga Kurylenko is best known as the Bond girl in Quantum of Solace, but having previously starred opposite Tom Cruise in Oblivion she is no stranger to sci-fi. She hasn't strayed too much from the genre since then with recent action thrillers such as The November Man and Momentum, and now Deadline (opens in new tab) is reporting that the actress is next set to headline Android. Directed by Niall Johnson, the film aims to be an intense space-set "sci-fi thriller about the lines we cross, and the price we pay to fulfil our desires." Sounds tense...

"On a lonely spaceship orbiting Neptune, Mason Anders fulfils his dream to rebuild his dead wife, Beth (Kurylenko), and their son, Spencer, as androids. But when the androids begin demanding a life of their own, Mason's life is suddenly in danger. Will Mason prevail against the superior intellect and abilities of the androids, and can he make the ultimate sacrifice and destroy his family to save humanity?"

From that description, it seems like there will be plenty of brainy material for Kurylenko and co to get stuck into. The immediate danger here is that Android will be too similar to what's come before, a criticism that was aimed at Kurylenko's previous sci-fi vehicle Oblivion. Alex Garland's excellent Ex Machina was released earlier this year, and already some similarities are apparent. The actress' involvement is cause for optimism though, and hopefully Android will prove to be thought-provoking sci-fi when it reaches cinemas. Android is scheduled to begin shooting in February 2016.

Amon Warmann
Amon Warmann

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