Octavia Spencer, Lucy Liu and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to lead new sci-fi comedy Nobody Nothing Nowhere

Octavia Spencer, Lucy Liu, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
(Image credit: 20th Century/CBS/Netflix)

Octavia Spencer, Lucy Liu, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are set to star in Nothing Nobody Nowhere, a new sci-fi comedy from Rachel Wolther and Alex H. Fischer.

A 2018 Black List and Sundance Screenwriter Labs script, Nobody Nothing Nowhere tells the story of Ruth, "one of the Non-People, human-looking beings designed and trained for the sole purpose of filling in a realistic world for a bland guy named Dave, the only person that actually exists on Earth. Tired of serving as an extra in someone else’s life, Ruth is ready to demand a life of her own.”

Wolther and Fischer both penned the script and will both direct, with the film being Wolther's feature directorial debut. Fischer previously helmed the sci-fi comedy Save Yourselves!, which starred Sunita Mani and John Paul Reynolds as a young Brooklyn couple who heads to an upstate cabin to unplug from reality and are all alone when planet earth suddenly falls under attack.

Wolther directed the short film Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone, Oh Hi, Pep Talk, Sneakers, and Cinema Rules Everything Around me.

"Nobody Nothing Nowhere is a wholly original feature film that presents a world and its characters in an entirely unique way," Spencer said in an official statement. "Having the opportunity to work with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lucy Liu is a dream come true! It is always a priority for me, and my partners at Orit Entertainment, to produce projects that entertain and bring the light, hope, and promise audiences are craving. I am excited to be part of such an inventive and thoughtful project."

Nothing Nobody Nowhere does not yet have a release date. For more, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2023 and beyond, or, skip straight to the good stuff with our list of movie release dates.

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