Oblivion's Adoring Fan voice actor confirms he's on board for Starfield

(Image credit: Bethesda)

The voice of Oblivion's Adoring Fan has confirmed he's on board for Starfield.

Last year, Bethesda confirmed that the much-loved (and equally loathed) Adoring Fan would be making a comeback in its super ambitious space-based RPG as a Starfield companion via one of the Starfield traits you can choose at the start. Now Craig Sechler, the voice actor behind the sprightly NPC, has confirmed he'll be lending his vocal tones to the character once again. 

As spotted by Twitter user @JezCorden, Sechler announced this in a video on TikTok. The clip starts with a view of a laptop showing the Adoring Fan reveal during the recent Starfield Direct. The camera then shifts to reveal that watching it is none other than Sechler himself, sporting a bright yellow wig in the NPC's signature style. 

“By Azura, by Azura, by Azura... I'm back!" Sechler exclaims. "Bethesda Softworks has really outdone themselves this time." He then proceeds to give the Adoring Fan's new hairdo the thumbs up, saying, "And I love my new haircut!"

Unsurprising, Elder Scrolls fans are thrilled at the voice actor's return. One user wrote on Twitter, "I think this alone sold me on it." Another replied: "The moment I heard that voice and saw that hair during the showcase, I could not contain myself."

Given that he didn't do much in Oblivion other than follow you around everywhere, chatter constantly, and be an all round pain in the behind, not all fans are keen to see Adoring Fan return and some are already planning on ways to get rid of him. "I'm yeeting him off my ship for all the pain I suffered with Oblivion," said one Starfield fan. Another commented: "Hopefully we can blast him out of the airlock similar to what happened in Alien."

Elsewhere in the Starfield Direct, we saw what appears to be a nod to Skyrim Grandma, but sadly this famous face from Elder Scrolls' past won't be making an appearance in Starfield and says she has no plans to play it.

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