Starfield gives Skyrim Grandma a tiny cameo

A Starfield ship
(Image credit: Bethesda)

It looks like Starfield has an easter egg referencing Skyrim's beloved grandma.

Earlier today on June 11 saw the huge Starfield Direct finally debut, giving us a deep dive into the inner workings of Bethesda's new game. While explaining the game's space combat systems and features, Bethesda made a reference to one of the more popular figures among their community.

That would be Shirley Curry, also known as the Skyrim Grandma. Curry first shot to fame around the world a few years, simply for being a very old person who plays Skyrim on YouTube, and uploads videos showing her time and journey throughout the vast world of Skyrim.

In today's Starfield Direct, we could see a character only referred to as "Grandma" at one point. This was in space, while Bethesda was busy demonstrating the space-faring features, and we could hear the NPC delightfully hail the player character and check in on them.

This sure makes it seem as though Curry had a very tiny cameo in the Starfield Direct. Don't take this to mean Curry herself is in the final game though - it's more likely an homage by Bethesda to Curry, simply giving the famed streamer some well-deserved lip service after all those years of playthroughs.

Starfield launches later this year on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S. All things considered from the new Starfield Direct, Bethesda's new game is shaping up to be something pretty impressive.

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Hirun Cryer

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