Now you can become a movie star!

Since launching in December, has been an unqualified success – with enough prospective actors submitting their audition tapes to fill a Mel Gibson flick.

They’re all fighting to get a part in Steve Nesbitt’s upcoming movie Rapture, with audition clips submitted daily to the site for feedback and comments, up until the new deadline of 26 February, which is when the excitement really starts.

After an initial casting call, the most talented actors and actresses will be selected for a screen test. Like the audition clips, the screen tests will be made available online for rating and comments. The best tests will form a shortlist of five male and five female actors.

These whittled-down actors will be swept off to London, where they’ll take part in a Movie Boot Camp, which won’t involve push-ups or learning how to kill. Instead, the lucky few will face challenges set by industry professionals and attend performance masterclasses.

One actor and one actress will then be selected for roles in Rapture, which starts shooting at the end of the year, for a 2008 release.

Director Nesbitt is certainly excited, “The project has been a tremendous success. We’re even now looking at spin-off projects with some of the talent we’ve found though the site. That’s why we decided to extend the deadline. Too many people were saying they need more time and the talent pool we’re reaching is definitely worth the delay!”

You can find out more, and even take part, by clicking here .